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The City of Simi Valley’s online system provides the ability to apply, pay for, and receive simple building permits. The system may be accessed from any device with Internet access; whether at home, the office, or on the go. If you have any questions while using the system this page may be able to assist you. If you have additional issues with the system you may contact Building and Safety during business hours using the information provided to the left.

Page Overviews

Start Form (top)

The Start Form page is where you will provide us with the residential address for which you are requesting a permit, tell us what kind of applicant you are, and what type of permit you are applying for.

If you are a Home Owner or Authorized Agent, this is all you need to provide to continue. If you are a Contractor you will be asked to input your State Contractor License Number as well as your Simi Valley Business ID. If you have a valid Business ID but do not know it, you may select that option and still continue.

Information Needed (top)

On this page we will tell you what information you will need to complete the Permit Application Form. This information changes based on your answers on the Start Form. Once you have all of the necessary information ready, the next step is the Permit Form.

Permit Form (top)

The Permit Form contains all the information you would normally fill out in person in order to have a permit issued. This consists of Common Information, Work Description, Title-24 energy forms (for HVAC and water heater permits), Contractor or Owner Builder declarations, an Owner’s Package for home owners, and a Signature.

Common Information – here you will enter the Applicant, Home Owner, and Contractor contact information as applicable.

Work Description – this section allows you to tell us for what type of work you are requesting a permit. Once the work to be done is entered you are able to calculate the applicable fees (Note: fee calculation must be performed in order to complete the form).

Title-24 Energy Form – This section will only be displayed for Mechanical and Plumbing permit applications, and is only required for water heater and HVAC installations. You must add a row to this section for each water heater or HVAC.

The remainder of the form constitutes legal documents which must be read and filled out accurately in order to confirm your understanding.

Once all the required fields are entered you will be allowed to move forward and confirm your entries.

Confirm Form (top)

The Confirm Form page gives you an opportunity to confirm all of your form entries and verify their accuracy. If any mistakes are seen you may move back to edit the form, or if everything appears correctly you are then able to add the application to your Permit Cart.

Permit Cart (top)

The Permit Cart is where you can see an overview of each application you have filled out along with all the applicable fees. From the Permit Cart you may choose to modify any of the existing forms in the cart or to return and start an additional application.

Once all your applications are completed and displayed in the cart you can then proceed to payment.

Payment (top)

Payment for your permit applications is handled by a Paymentus, a trusted payment processor, and not by the City. Upon reaching this page a new window will open up where Paymentus will collect your payment information. Do not close the original window!

If you have a pop-up blocker activated you may not initially see this window and will need to tell your web browser to allow the window to open or disable your pop-up blocker entirely.

Once you are on the Paymentus page proceed to provide your payment information. Once you complete the transaction the Paymentus window will close and you will be back to the Simi Valley application window. If your payment was completed successfully the system will process your order and a message will appear letting you know everything was successful. The system will then advance you to the final screen to provide you with your documentation.

Print Permits (top)

The Print Permits page will display a row for each permit included in your transaction and give you the opportunity to view/download/print the forms associated with each. You must maintain a copy of these documents for your records. You also have the opportunity to provide an additional email address to which the site will send all of the documents for your transaction.


What are the advantages of using the online application? (top)

Applying for your building permit online allows you to save time and gas since you are not required to come in to City Hall. Additionally, applying online allows you to obtain a permit in the comfort of your home, office, or even on the go using an internet connected mobile device, without worrying about the City’s business hours.

Who can apply for a permit? (top)

Contractors, property owners, and authorized agents of the property owner may apply for a permit.

What kind of permits can I apply for? (top)

The online application covers simple building permits for residential addresses. Permits covered include Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical, and Re-roof.

What forms of payment are accepted? (top)

Our payment processor accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or eCheck.

Is the permit issued after I submit payment? (top)

Yes! Once your payment is received you will be presented with the opportunity to view, download, and print your issued permit(s). Additionally, if you provided your email address on the permit form copies will be delivered to that address.

How can I get a copy of my permit? (top)

Once your payment is received you will be presented with the opportunity to view, download, and print your issued permit(s). On this page there is also a box to enter any email address and receive copies of all documentation from your transaction. Additionally, if you provided your email address on the permit form copies of the forms for that permit will be delivered to the provided email address.
If you do not print or download the permit while on the webpage, did not provide an email address, or experience any other issues which cause you to not receive the permit you will need to come in to City Hall to receive a copy of your permit.

Did you know?

The City of Simi Valley can help you save money on your project.
Use the links on this page to get started.

Consider adding Energy Efficiency to your project! For just a little more money, you can upgrade your materials and save hundreds of dollars in utility bills.

Southern California Edison and SoCalGas have many rebate programs that can put money in your pocket and make your home more comfortable.

Install water saving appliances! Saving water saves energy, which saves you money.